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The World Wide Web

Now that you know that the internet is the way computers communicate with each other over long distances let’s define what you are actually looking at when you browse the internet.

When you request a web page or website over the internet you are actually seeing a system of interlinked hypertext documents, pictures, text, and videos that have been translated into words, pages, and images by your web browser. This media that is displayed on your computer is the called World Wide Web. Also known as “the web” the World Wide Web is made up of all the things that you actually see and interact with online. In the past, when you requested information from the World Wide Web it was mandatory to use the prefix “www” to tell the servers that you are making a World Wide Web Request. This is the reason when you browse or surf the internet the Uniform Resource Locator (URL) looks something like “www.somWebSite.com”.

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