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Computers and the Internet

Becoming aware of the world around you and the how computers are involved

Look around you. In terms of technology computers are everywhere. From the checkout scanner at your local grocery store to the phone in your pocket computers are involved in our everyday lives. Regardless of if you are aware of this fact or not computers are integrated into our way of life.

Now take a minute and ask yourself, how is this possible? It is because the internet, like computers, is everywhere now too. In the not so distant past, computers were standalone machines. They didn’t really communicate with anything except for the occasional device that was used bring in more information like a disk drive or a printer for outputting the data onto paper which we can take with us or give to someone else physically.
Nowadays if you were to shop for a computer and it didn’t have a way to connect to the internet you would probably pass on buying it. In addition, If you are like most people you would pretty quickly ask to see something that did have the ability to communicate with the internet at the very least. But have you ever asked yourself….

What is the Internet?

In the interest of keeping things simple, the internet can be defined as millions of computers from across the world talking to each other through a connection. In terms of computers that connection is the internet. This connection can take the form of physical cabling or wireless frequencies. When you communicate with the internet, you are actually requesting and receiving data to and from other computers from other locations and possibly from around the world. All over the world high powered internet service providers exist to transport your searches and requests to companies and search services created to provide services and data to us as consumers. These high powered computers are called servers. We as the requestors of the services or data are the clients or customers to the server computers.
When you look for something online your request is sent out through the internet to the appropriate server for processing. Whether that server is owned by Google, Bing, Yahoo, or any other company your request is sent to the nearest server with respect to your location to provide you what they are guessing is the best fit answer to your search, question, or specific web page. In short, the internet is the way that computers communicate and share information with each other.

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