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An Introduction to Computer Classes

The Difference Between Traditional Courses, Self-paced Courses, and Online Courses

Computers are so complex and advance so quickly that you could spend your whole life studying computers and you would probably not ever know everything there is to know about computers.

From the circuit boards that physically make a computer, to the vast amount of computer programs that exist in the world, there is a whole world of learning that is revealed before your eyes when you start to study computers and the world of computers.

Thankfully you do not have to have a comprehensive understanding of computers to use them. For most of us, we just need training in a specific area or utility. You can take classes that teach something as specific as how to use a program that creates 3-D models of houses to courses that each you the basics of using computers. These days, it seems that whatever course you need with regard to computers no matter now obscure it probably exists.

In general, there three Types of computer classes.

  1. Traditional classes
  2. Self-paced courses
  3. Online Courses

Traditional Courses

The traditional computer class follows the model of learning that we are all used to from our days in school. The course involves a teacher and fellow students. You are lead through the course by your instructor who dictates the pace, the content, and the emphasis on what you are learning.

Self-Pace Courses

The self-paced course is almost a contrast to the traditional course. Under this type if setting, you are the sole person responsible for your learning and your pace. It is considered more difficult by some people due to the fact that there are no friends or teacher pushing you forward or reminding you about what needs to be done. Often times it is just you the course materials and the desire to learn.

Online Courses

Online courses are what I would consider to be somewhere between a traditional course and a self-paced course. Online courses may or may not be led by an instructor but they almost always involve a progression of study. This can be in the form of a syllabus or and actual application that tests your progress as you take the course. The online and computerized versions of courses have some advantages in that they often contain quizzes, tests, and additional work depending on your test scores. This leaves less to guess about what you are studying and even though you can watch or study the course modules and videos to your heart's content. They do not answer questions like a live in person instructor can.

Regardless of which type of computer training you choose. The most important thing to really accumulate and acquire skills with computers is hands on experience. You can read books and take courses however it is the amount of actual time that you spend trying the skills that you have learned that will create real computer skills that you can use and leverage in both your personal life and your career. So choose your computer course and get started!

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