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Two Basic Computer Skills for Work

Using Email

Electronic Mail or email for short is probably the most used communication tool in business today. Before email became normal in the work place, paper

based memorandums (or memos) were commonly sent via inter-office mail from department to department and person to person. For larger company this meant that the paper based messages must be typed and physically delivered to the recipient adding to the company’s bottom line in employee count and man hours needed to run the company. In today’s market place, email and electronic mean of communication have taken place of these forms of communication making companies more efficient and more cost effective.

If you have never used an email system, then it is time to learn about them. The good news is that the email is made to model the mail systems of the physical world. There really only three main actions that you need to do (and learn). First, is ho to create and send messages to people. Secondly, how to reply to messages that you receive, and third how to forward messages to other people that might need to know the information. If you start with these three things you should be functional with email enough to tackle most everyday corporate tasks from there you can try and learn more at a later time or on the job.

Word processing

In the days before computers were on every work desk in America there were word processors. The word processor was the next step to computer word processing from typewriters. I remember using a typewriter to write paper and school assignments. One of the biggest problems that arose from typewriters is it that you could get half way down a page and smudge the ink on the paper ruining the whole page and the last hour of typing work. The word processor was the next step to correct this problem. The word processor allow you to buffer up to a sentence on a small screen before having the system punch the letters on the page. This was a huge improvement however you were limited to one line at a time.

The solution to this problem was the invention of software word processing. The software word processors now allow you to type up whole projects without wasting any paper due to typos, spilled drinks, or typewriter key jams. If you are new to word processing please don’t be intimidated by computers. Try to remember that computers are really just new versions the typewriter that people have added other “bells and whistles” to help replace several different office machines.

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