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Computer Studies - Education and training about computers

Get ready to hit the books, take in the information, and learn lessons about computers and their uses in the modern business world.

The area of computers as a study is a vast landscape of different topics and areas for consideration. The usage of modern day computers can vary from reporting and analyses to creating programs and mitigating their usefulness through the software development life cycle. Each segment as a study of computers demands different strengths and varied set of skills. Finding the right area for you will require experience in the field and an opportunity to use the technologies first hand.

Although you must really experience the work involved with each of these areas in order to be able to choose a possible career or area of aptitude the following are general examples of jobs that exist within the Information Technology field.

Technology Support - These positions are typically labeled "Tech Support" and usually setup by levels such as levels 1, 2, and 3. The technology support role will be involved in the maintenance and upkeep of the general technology systems. This will include desktops, laptops, monitors, pointing devices, and the internal components of the computers such as network cards, video cards, and storage devices such as USB storage and CDROM drives. The technology support role is a great choice for those who have an aptitude for learning about physical computer components and how they relate to written software. This role is great for those who enjoy solving a good puzzle.

Network Systems - The network systems support or analyst is involved with the communications between computers. This can include the use of network cabling, wireless internet, and mobile connections via cellular technology. The network engineer will be responsible for the "up" time of the network such the computers can share and pass information at virtually flawless rate without any downtime if possible. This can include getting to know network protocols (methods of sending information), routing systems, network switching devices, and server naming systems in the network. The network systems specialists will require a deeper understanding of data packets, their protocols, and the equipment involved in the network. This role is a good choice for those who enjoy seeing some of the overall picture but also like to spend a little more time with the programmatic nature of computers.

System Administrator - The system administrators are responsible for keep in the servers and systems running and usable for the business. Whether that is an email sever, a firewall security server, an application server, or a database server. The system administrator is typically involved in the tuning and upkeep of the servers to keep them at maximum usefulness. This role can be responsible for cleaning any old data from the servers and sometimes changing the configuration of the servers to maximize efficiency. If you like tuning systems and getting the maximum efficiency out of systems this may be the area for you.

Computer Programming - The computer programmer almost solely involved with creating routines and protocols to produce software that control the computers themselves or the software that runs on them. The coding of a program takes advantages of the machine language that controls the computers. Often times this can involve learning several different types of languages such as procedural or object oriented. The computer programmer works within a virtual world where the feedback is almost solely from the monitor screens. If you enjoy creating ideas from concepts and following language syntax programming may be for you.

These are just a few examples of employment opportunities in the Information Technology field. If you are serious about technology as a career you should try out each area and see which best suits your personality and you curiosity.

Computers and their usage as a can and will keep you learning throughout your career. Technologies are ever changing, improving, and in some cases cycling back to pre-existing methods with a new twist. Overall if you like learning new things the Information Technology field can be very rewarding. Good Luck!

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