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Four Core Parts Of A Computer System

The personal computer is comprised of four main pieces or parts.

The Computer Screen

The monitor (as you may already know) is the screen where the computer displays the interactive portion of programs to you for usage. If you can see this writing you are looking at the screen / monitor. These screens can vary by design and options by manufacturer. Most monitors have an option to control the brightness, contrast, and other image options.

In general, the computer monitor is one of the most importance pieces of a computer system. It serves as the visual feedback component of the computer. It is the basis and forefront to the newer touch devices. With the advent of computer monitors the computing world has bridged the gap between just reading and typing words on a page to a full multimedia experience. Each monitor has its own advantages and disadvantages. Some examples of how they can vary in size, color, energy efficiency, and level of detail.

As a computer owner you need to decide which monitor is right for you. Depending on the size of your workspace, your most important consideration could be the sheer bulk size of the monitor. If you are centered on décor you might want to concentrate on the color and style of the monitor. The good news is that modern day manufacturers make monitor in all kinds of colors and styles.

After styles and color, the technical aspects that can affect your buying decision can include the screen size, energy efficiency, dots per inch (dpi), refresh rate, and resolution. Each of these factors will help determine the price point that you are looking to spend for your computer monitor.

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