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Choose Your Computer Training

Now you can... Learn the Types of Courses Available, Determine the Type that Suits You, and Be Able to Make an Educated Decision!

If you are looking for computer training you have probably noticed that there are many options available to you today. If you have never taken a computer course you may be overwhelmed by the number and types of choices. Which one should you buy? Let's see if we can help you out with that today.

There are types of computer training:

  • Instructor Lead In-Person
  • Online Instructor Paced
  • Self-paced at Home Courses
Each type of training has its advantages and disadvantages.

Instructor In-Person Courses

The in-person classroom training that is most familiar to most of us. It is the most traditional type learning where students are taught in a group setting where the instructor lectures on the topics and assignments are given to the students for them to work on their own.

The major advantages to this type of learning, is that you can as the instructor any questions that might arise as the class progresses. It is the most familiar type of learning for most of us so it is also often the most comfortable. In addition, it is often the cheapest type of learning. The disadvantage to this type of learning is that the instructor must teach to all students from beginner to the more advanced student. This can make the class move much more slowly and can be less interesting to the more advanced student.

One can often find this type of course at the local community college or computer training school. If you find that you enjoy a slower pace, the traditional learning methods, and you are looking for the most affordable type of computer training this might be your best bet to learn more about computers.

Online Instructor Paced

Online instructor led courses are where the class meets through chat rooms, telephone classes, streaming video, or via web seminars (also called a webinar). This type of learning is definitely not for everyone. This type of class and instruction is best suited to those who learn well by themselves, but need that slight extra motivation from a class and assignments to get them through the material.

One distinct advantage to the online scheduled courses is that you can sometimes gain continuing education or even college credits for this type of course. If you are looking to complete a degree or meet a continuing education requirement you might be able to get it done without even leaving your home saving you time to commute and travel expenses to and from a college campus. Of course the major disadvantage is that if you have any questions you will need to either schedule time with the instructor or try and get your answers via email. Another disadvantage is that you have no other class attendees to talk and help each other with assignments and projects. However, if you are comfortable with or even prefer working by yourself but just need a bit of extra incentive to keep pushing forward this type of training might suit you well.

Self-Paced Courses

This type of course is the extreme opposite of the traditional classroom setting. With self paced courses, results and accountability lie solely with you and you alone. Often these courses only offer guidance as two what areas an sometimes the order to study the material to best learn the new skill. The courses are designed to guide you through topics and ideas that help you learn about or become familiar with the concept or method.

The major advantage to this type of learning is that you control the pace. If you find the material very interesting often one can very quickly move through the material and finish the course in a relatively short time. Another advantage similar to online at home courses is that you have no travel or commute time plus you get to choose where and when you learn. You can learn before or after work at home, in a coffee shop, or at the local college. The major disadvantage to this type of course is that if you are not a very self driven person you could buy a course and never complete it. Certainly, not for your typical student self paced courses will allow to succeed or fail as fast as you like. So if you decide to go with self paced be mindful of this and keep your own feet to the fire.

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