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Resume Computer Skills List

How to quantify your skills, remind yourself of skills you neglect to list, and determine what you should highlight

Every now and then it is good to try and catalog and capture what aptitude and talents you have accumulated in terms of computers and computer skills. There are so many areas of computer expertise and they are used so frequently in our normal employment life that we tend to forget that a prospective employer might want or possibly need to know that you have experience in that task.

Your audience and what are they looking forů

Employers, recruiters, and supervisors need to quickly find out if you have the skills for the position to be filled. So when you are crafting your resume you will need to bring forth the expertise needed for that position to the forefront of your resume so that it can be easily found. This can be easily accomplished by placing your skills into categories on your resume.

What skills do you have?

If you having troubles getting started, I recommend listing the computer programs that you are familiar and have built some competence and aptitude with. For instance, if you have experience with Microsoft Word and make sure to list that in the software section. Logically think about any related software that might have developed from using MSWord such as MS Excel. This should lead you through a logical path of what software you know and are able to list on you resume.

What should I put down?

The next task is to determine what skills will be needed in the job that you are looking to apply for. Pay attention to the skills necessary to perform the job. If the job is advanced in computer skills, leave of the basic skills that are rudimentary to the position. For instance, if you are a computer programmer listing your skills in word processing is less pertinent then listing that you have experience programming and writing documents programmatically.

How should I show them?

This part is part preference, however whenever I have been tasked to look at resumes as a computer technologist. I like to see the skills listed in either a matrix format or listed vertically. This allows the eye to easily see the skills and give the interview an easy way to see if you have the skills necessary. I would highly discourage you from using a paragraph format to show computer skills on a resume. It is very difficult to spot the skills while they are embedded deep into paragraph text. You can use them in the body of a paragraph but only to expand on the depth of you knowledge. Listing the skills in a chart or a basic list with plenty of white-space allows the eye to easily search and find the information needed.

Always be sure to look at the job description that you are applying for they will either blatantly list the skills that you need or there will be hints as to what skills are necessary and should be easily found on your resume. If you can achieve this then the real work begins when you get the interview and you have to vocalize and prove that you know the skills via examples, stories, and discussion.

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