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Learning New Computer Skills & Building Computer
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Important Computer Skills

Computer skills are an integrated necessity in business today and with new emerging technology and advances there is a need to keep up and upgrade your skills. You must keep up with the changing times and choose where you want to spend your time learning new skills.

Why Are Computer Skills Important?

Computer skills are important because they represent the majority of tasks that need to be done to move business ahead in the modern world. Since the creation of the most the simple computer the main focus for these machines is to make life easier. Technology can handle the mundane but necessary details that most people prefer to not think about. As each program, piece of software and physical computer is created to solve a problem new skills are needed to administer and use the technology effectively.

As the world of business changes computer skillsets change, new skills are created, old skills are changed, and some older skills are no longer used. As a participant in today's business world you must be able to not only learn new skills but constantly upgrade your skills. Computer skills are important and relevant to today because they are the skills necessary near the core of almost every business.

Office Computer Skills

General office skills are skills that can be used to support businesses and their everyday processing. These types of skills typically include learning software that either creates document or supports the creation of reports and analytics.

Some examples of these skills include:

  1. Word processing skills - Skills that are focused on creating documents such as invoices, letters, contracts etc. These skills are focused on software that is focused on grammatical edits and skills.
  2. Spreadsheet skills - spreadsheets are typically used for analytics and reporting as well as some book keeping. This skillset is useful to gather and transform data into a meaningful format for business professionals.

Technology Administration Skills

Technology administration skills include learning a skillset that help maintain and configure business systems. These skills can include configuring and maintaining email, fax, and or database servers. The system administrators ensure that the functions that aid business processing stay functioning properly and in an efficient manner. The skillset of a systems administrator involves learning server functions and configurations such that the optimal environment can be created and maintained for the business.

Often the systems administrators have the opportunity find training in the systems used and can gain their expertise and knowledge through education. People who thrive in learning by classes and courses can often excel in these job roles.

Solutions Development Skills

The last type of skill is developing custom solutions for a business. This can be referred to creating proprietary solutions and software to streamline or aide business processes. The solutions developer will gather the needs of the business (called requirements) and place them into a plan that is manageable and through the use of project management which is sometimes separated into a separate job roll. In either case, this aptitude involves creating and solving problems that are articulated by the business and often include automating and streamlining business processes for efficiency.

The solutions develop will often employ programming languages to create software or web applications to solve business issues and problems. This process is highly customized to the business in question and can take months to years to complete but can provide end to end solutions to company problems that may represent a cost basis saving when considering buying systems in contrast to developing them in-house.

In the end of the day the most important computer skills are those than you can leverage to their fullest in your business and your business role. This may include learning many facets of each of the types articulated above. The most important thing to remember is computers were created to and continue to provide services and value in solving and automating problems that are difficult for the business.

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