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Computer Skills Resume

It should come as no surprise that the computer technology field is dependent upon data and systems to get that data.

If you are preparing a resume to get at job you should format your resume that is makes your skills and knowledge easily accessible.

Your skills and experiences should be not only easy to see on your resume, but you should also try and present the skills in a logical format. For example, if you mention that you have word processing training. It might be helpful to follow up that section with more specifics about what you learned. For instance, you can mention your experience with mail merges, creating business templates with headers and footer, or perhaps even you experience with creating macros.

The most important piece of advice that I can give you from my experience with choosing candidates from a pile of resumes is that your resume should be in a logical format and present the pertinent experience in an easy to find manner. If you are applying for a database related job you should make sure you database experience is presented first in a readable and aesthetically pleasing format. Here is an example template to give you an idea of what you can do.

Keep in mind your experience and skills will look better or worse depending on format. So although I am providing a general template your best bet is to create an tweak your resume to best suite your skills and present the resume in eye pleasing manner.


First Name Last Name


City, State ZipCode

CARRIER GOALS: What are you career goals why are you a good fit for the job and why is the job a good fit for you.

SKILLS: Listing all of your skills with the most pertinent first. You should also present the information in an organized easy to read format. I recommend using a matrix format such as this.

Microsoft Word Microsoft Excel
Mail Merges, Custom Templates, Marcos Pivot Tables, Financial functions, VLOOKUP

EXPERIENCE: List all pertinent experience as it relates to the position you are looking to apply for. If you don't have real world experience make sure to list any educational projects and certifications that you have accumulated. Also try and include any experience that exemplifies any leadership skills and self-reliance. Most managers want to know that you will catch on quickly and do not need supervision throughout the whole day

EDUCATION: List any educational courses, certifications, and projects that you have been involved with. Although this section will not land you any jobs, it can help you stand out from another candidate as it shows you are engaging in related activities and pursuing knowledge on your own.

REFERENCES: This is up to your preferences however I like to state that they are available on request. As they will call you for references if they are in fact interested.

To find more information related to computers input the phrase "computer training" directly into the search box below or simply type in your own search phrase to see over 1 million other goal oriented websites.

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