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Why Search Engine Optimization is Important

What factors make search engine optimization important, who should care about it, and how does it work

If you are a business owner, whether you are an internet or brick and mortar business, having an internet presence has become standard practice. But what good does a web site do if no one ever looks at your page? The answer is nothing. This is where search engine marketing comes into view.

With the ever expanding use of the internet, it is important for businesses to have marketing strategies both online and physical. If you only concentrate on newspapers, phone books, and brochures you will be limited in reach by how many people you can touch. This type of proximity limitation is very effective, however it can also be limiting.

These days consumers not only use the internet and websites as research but sometimes they make buying decisions based upon what they can find out about you online. Imagine a person is looking for your product or service but have no idea where to start. Many people these days start with an internet search using a service such as bing.com or google.com. These services look through their indexes of pages in their database for what the consumer is looking for and present the best fit options to the person searching for information.

The process where these search engine look for and categorize your website is called search engine indexing. As a website owner it is your job to make sure your web pages comply with the criteria that make your website not only easy to find by websites but present your business as a best fit for whatever the consumer is searching for. In terms of attracting new customers, search engine optimization can be a low cost way to help your business find customers. Here the customers are looking for you and you didn't have pay a dime in printed marketing materials and their distribution.

Here is where the importance of search engine optimization becomes evident. Without following the rules and criteria that search engines need to find and index your webpages you will be left out of the indexes. This means when people search for your product or service they will find your competitors that have followed the search engine optimization rules instead of your business.

This process of following search engine optimization rules and modifying your webpages to maximize your chances of being found is called search engine optimization. Search engine optimization is pretty simple in term of actually doing the actions however it is and can be very complex in actually putting into practice effectively. If you want to know more about getting started read this article about learning basic search engine optimization (SEO).

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