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Why Having Two Computer Certifications are good

Identifying the Two Most Important Areas

Many business gurus mention that two out of ten tasks hold most of the importance of a list. What this suggests that most of the value of any list can usually be accomplished by focusing on two out of ten goals and initiatives. This rule of thumb is states that 80% of the importance of a list is held within 20% of the tasks.

Most professional computer certifications entail taking several tests that lead up to a master certification that represents competence with the topic or specialty. Even if you are not working to an overall certification that includes many tests this rule of thumb still holds true. If you look at any skill you are looking to achieve and list out the tasks that will be necessary to achieve that goal most of the time two of those tasks will stand out as the most important. It is your task in this case to identify these two tasks and get to work.

Synergistic Certifications

Another benefit to obtaining two accreditations is that most courses focus on one topic or section of study. If you divide any topic up into bite sizes chucks there will often be two equal sides of work but those two sections will likely be integral to understand the topic as a whole.

This means that when you pick a course of study there is most likely another training that is either complimentary to the topic or necessary for the full understanding of the topic. In some cases, this will not be presented as necessary or important in terms of learning. So it will be your task to identify these and take it upon yourself to learn both topics and areas.


One hidden effect of having at least two certifications is that it shows motivation and self-reliance. One certification alone does show some motivation and ambition, however more than one and at least two shows that you are committed and focused on what you are trying to achieve.

Most people can muddle through on certification and course to achieve certification in a certain topic. Gaining and obtaining a second accreditation, especially on your own accord, shows that you are committed to your career and you industry. This can set you apart from other candidates if you are in competition for either a position or a promotion. Most managers look for self-reliance and the ability to move forward without supervision rather than promoting and focusing on an employee that needs constant attention and guidance.

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