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How to use a Computer

How to Comfortably and Easily Start Using Computers…. Starting with YOU! If you are new to using a computer, the first thing that you need to do is don’t worry. You are not alone. There are people everywhere that have

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How to do a SpreadSheet

Spreadsheets are commonly used tools in business. Their main function is to group and label data to show information in an easy to understand format. When it comes to data, it is often harder to write out in words what

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Secure Your Own Privacy

Social media is a big part of a lot of peoples lives today. Places like MySpace and Facebook have become well accepted as every day household names and part of everyday life. However, we  need to take responsibility for our

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Using the main toolbar (for most windows based programs)

The windows operating system is an ever changing environment. As with all software, with each release new additions, improvements, and removing unnecessary features are a natural progression in the life cycle of a software program. It can sometimes seem daunting

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Excel Tip of the day – Getting day of week from date field in a spreadsheet

I was working with dates in Excel today. The spreadsheet needed dates for the next three months. We also found that the actual day of week would also be useful. If you have worked with excel you know that it

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