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Learning New Computer Skills & Building Computer
Competence & Aptitude For Tomorrow

Learn Computer Skills, Tips, and Tricks from a technology professional with over a decade of experience!



Learn with tutorials, help, and advice on everything computer related - from the computer basics, using software, creating websites, to computer programming.

Welcome to LearnRealComputerSkils.com, it is our goal to share information and experience about computers that we have gathered over the past ten years.

Feel free to look through the website for information and educational material about computers from the components that make up a computer, the available productivity software tools, to creating websites, and computer programming.

The world of computer technology can be intimidating or exciting. We are here to keep help dispel some of the myths and take away the intimidation factors out of computers and technology. Whether you are a computer technology veteran or you are completely new to computers. We are here to offer help and advice where we can through our many years of research and experience in the industry.

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To find more information related to computers input the phrase "computer training" directly into the search box below or simply type in your own search phrase to see over 1 million other goal oriented websites.