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Learn Real Computer Skills

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Learning New Computer Skills & Building Computer
Competence & Aptitude For Tomorrow

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Computer Skills - Which Are Useful & Why You Should Care

Learn from a professional computer programmer with over ten years experience about computer skills, technology, and what you need to know about technology.

      There are many areas of study when it comes to computer skills. With so many directions to choose from it can be confusing and even frustrating to build your computer skills that will help you in your life and your work. Are you trying to learn skills that make you more marketable in the job market? Are you trying to get ahead where in your current employment? Are you a business owner looking for a solution to a specific problem?

Answering these questions will help define what REAL computer skills are to you. Taking time and to answer these questions can help you focus the areas that mean the most to you and your income with regard to computer skills. If you are an employee in an office, the skills that you may need to focus on may be very different than the expertise that you will need as a programmer, and likewise your basic aptitude needs for a programmer will be much different that the skill set needed to be a telephone support technician a.k.a. tech support analyst. So where do we start?

Let's start from where you are now… are you:

  • A person looking to land that new job?
  • An employee looking to make better use of the tools available in the office?
  • An up and coming employee looking to get ahead and use computers as leverage to get things done more quickly?
  • A technical support analyst looking to add another resource to your knowledge base?
  • A programmer looking for another resource of information?
  • Are you a small business owner looking for solutions that you can implement yourself for your business?
  • Or are you a small business owner who is looking for educate yourself on what your business computer needs might be? When do you need a web designer? When do you need a web developer? (Yes, there is a difference)
  • Are you a manager in technology that is looking to understand programmers, versus tech support analysts? Are you looking to know for sure if you are managing them or are they managing you?
  • Are you a student looking for a career path in the computer industry?
  • Are you a student looking for ways to make learning easier?

To find more information related to computers input the phrase "computer training" directly into the search box below or simply type in your own search phrase to see over 1 million other goal oriented websites.
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